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150316 - Ch Wolf Tone Maja Mauser gave birth to 1+1 by Ch Wolf Tone Verdi

131019 - Rosina got her first cc and was bb-3 at Swedish Sighthound Club show in Enköping.

130703 - Pictures of our litter by Ch Softouch Wild Eagle out of Ch Wolf Tone Misty, six weeks old, photos by Pirjo Muhonen, Softouch whippets

130608+ 130609 - We had a great time in Finland taking part in The Finnish Whippet Club Specialty and Open show. Beautiful, well organized show, meeting with old and new friends, good weather, and very good show results, a perfect week-end!

130523 - The Misty and Topaz  puppies are here! Two boys and five girls!

130330 - Rosina was BIS Junior at Swedish Whippet Club show in Vilsta

130324 + 130325 - Misty has been bred to the very handsome “Topaz” = N&S Ch Softouch Wild Eagle, and we hope for puppies in the end of May.

130108 - Spring 2013 - Wolf Tone Misty will hopefully have a litter, more news later on.

120818- Misty is champion! Att SKK Eskilstuna she got cc and bb-3

120815 - Rosina is here at home with us!

120527 - SKK Int Vallentuna, BOS and Cacib: Ch Wolf Tone Verdi

120119 - Our dear old Signe is no longer with us. She was nearly 11 years old when she died in her sleep during the night. Signe was to be our last Wolfhound. We miss her deeply, and we miss the breed we have been living with for over 41 years.

110619 - Wolf Tone Samantha got her first cc and was bb-2 at SKK in Avesta and Wolf Tone Misty got cc and reserv cacib in Pärnu.

110604 - Wolf Tone Verdi bh-2, cc and champion!

110521 - Wolf Tone Danina cc and Bob SKK Piteå

110521 - Maja is now champion

110515 - Pictures from the latest puppy meeting.

110417 - Valanti Virginia cc and bb-1 and new champion

110402 - Results from Swedish Whippet club official show in Vilsta

110327 - Wolf Tone Miss Hot Island, bb-2 and Bis working hound

110220 - Signe 10 years today!

110214 - BOB at Westminster - Ch Taliesin´s Willow´s Glympse

110107 - News from Maja and Misty, The Sighthound club show in Gothenburg

101106 - we had a meeting for some of the puppies from Veras litter

100917 - Spencer with his new owner

100906 - Four of our puppies have now left to their new homes

100902 - A beautiful picture of four generations

100901 - Pictures from this years holyday at Gotland

100829 - News from Maja, SKK Visby

100821 - Pictures from SKK-Eskilstuna

100820 - Veras puppies are now 6 weeks old

100817 - New puppie pictures from Veras litter

100810 - Veras puppies are 5 weeks old and here are new pictures of them

100804 - Veras puppies are 4 weeks old and here are the pictures.

100728 - Veras puppies are now 3 weeks old.

100716 - Wolf Tone Danina was bt-3 with cc at Swedish Whippet Club official show in Byske

100706 - Vera had her puppies by Allette´s Figaro 3+3

100704 - Maja was best of breed and group-3 at Skk Borås

100602 - News from Molly and Misty.

100523 - We have got wonderful news from Mandy Tyler in California.

100506-100508 - Vera has been bred to Allettes Figaro. We hope for puppies mid July.

100505 - We have been on a trip to California. Here are some pictures.

091122 - News from Ch Play A While Kid A

091116 - News from the young Viking daughter Valanti Virginia

091010 - we had a puppy meeting for Hannah´s girls

090830 - Viking puppies at Gentle Mind kennels in Germany!

090804 - last week-end Misy had great succsess at SvVk and SKK Svenstavik

090724 - we have got some nice pictures of Majas sisters, Ina and Minna, and Hedda.

090724 - We have been to Whippetklubbens show in Vilsta

090722 - New pictures of Misty and Maja

090713 - Cara Mia “Hedda” has a new home

090711 - Pictures of Maja and Hedda playing in the garden

090708 - Pictures from our annual holiday at Gotland

090627 - Natacha has a new home

090624 - New pictures of Hannah´s girls, three months old

090620 - Maja has her own page

090529 - Mimmi has a new home

090529 - Hannah´s puppies 9 weeks old

090529 - Two of Hannahs puppies has moved to their new home

090523 - New pictures of Hannas puppies

090521 - Hannah´s puppies are now 8 weeks old

090515 - New pictures of Hannas puppies

090507 - Hannas puppies 6 weeks old

090504 - Our lovely Viking has gone to his final sleep

090409 - New pictures of Hannah´s puppies

090324 - Hanna´s girls one day old

090323 - Hannah´s puppies are here

090301 - Hannah is in whelp!

090127 - Today we sadly had to put our Rocky to his final sleep

090120 + 090121 - Hannah was bred to Fin&S Ch Fanfare´s Special Export

081207 -  New pictures of Mimmi and Misty

081108 - Show result from last weekend

081019 -Mimmi and Misty 6 months

081019 - Viking puppies at kennel Bohem, USA

081018 - Mimmi, Misty and Molly at SvVk

081011 - Wolf Tone Vicky won at Swedish Basset Club

081005 - Holiday photos from Wolf Tone Moira

080929 - News from USA

080927 - Puppy meeting for our Abbe-Kipinä litter

080919 - New version of the presentation