We imported our first bitch from the legendary Eaglescrag kennel 1975. Hannah became the foundation in our breeding, that now after more than 30 years has resulted in 55 litters of wolfhound puppies. So far we have imported nine dogs, mainly for our own purpose, but also with the intention of strengthen the blood lines here in Scandinavia.

We have shown/own/bred many wonderful dogs and pictures of some of them can be found under a special section in the main menu.

Our first Scottish Deerhound came to us 1973, Mountebanks Duncan. He was very successful as a show- and stud dog. He was followed by Mountebanks Sarah, Airescot Miranda, Wolf Tone Aurora an exellent brood bitch and she also did very well in the show ring. Our last Deerhound was Kilbrandon Clair, with her 14 years she became the oldest of our Deerhounds. We bred four litters of Deerhound puppies.

1975 we got our first Norwichterrier, Airescot Gianni Schicci. We also had Jennifer, Airescot Musette, Airescot Rosina och Wolf Tone Törnrosa. For more than 20 years we had this lovely and wonderful breed and during that time we bred four litters.

For some years we also had a Bullterrier, Pansarkrafts Moster Edith, an intense, happy and very headstrong lady with a great personality.

Time changes and these days Whippets have more and more come to dominate our lives. Our first whippet, Signum Soprani, joined our family in August 1993, and from that day the breed has taken over our hearts. We breed in a small scale, mainly for our own purpose and need.

Since 1996 Elisabet is an authorized dog show judge, judging all sighthound breeds, as well as some breeds from group two, three and five.